Rural Practice

Acute Rural Clinical Skills

The following documents / guidelines are provided for ease of access by JMOs who are rotating to rural facilities. It is important to note that these do not replace clinical discussion with your supervising SMO, and your facility may have local versions of these guidelines. However, you may find these guidelines useful as educational and reference material.

Please also note that although we will review this material on a regular basis to ensure it remains current we cannot guarantee version control.

You can find some information on the various rural sites on the Cairns RMO Society website.


Orientation Manuals:

Atherton Hospital

Cooktown Hospital – coming

Innisfail Hospital

Mareeba Hospital

Mossman Hospital

Thursday Island Hospital – coming

Tully Hospital



Chest Pain / ACS Guidelines:

Suspected ACS Pathways

Low Risk Chest Pain Pathway

Intermediate Risk Chest Pain Pathway

FNQ Regional ACS Guideline


Resuscitation / Life Support

Australian Anaphylaxis Guideline

Newborn Life SupportSs

ALS Children and Infants

ALS Adults

Status Epilepticus

Hyperkalaemia Guideline


Sepsis / Infectious Diseases

Sepsis Pathway Adult

Sepsis Pathway Child

HIV – Post-Exposure Prophylaxis

Febrile Neutropenia – consider this as the management of the unwell oncology / haematology patient. Absence of fever does not exclude severe sepsis.



High-flow Nasal Cannula Therapy

Empirical Antibiotic Guidelines

Intravenous Fluid Guidelines

Asthma Management in Children

Assessment of the Sick Child



Head Injury Pathway – Child

Head Injury Pathway – Adult

Adult Burns Management

Initial Management of Small Burns

Acticoat Dressings for Burns

Burns – Lund-Browder Chart


Environmental / Envenomation

Stinging Tree

Pressure Immobilisation Bandaging – ARC guideline

Snake Bite Observation Form – helps in the assessment of symptoms

Irukandji Syndrome Managment



Macroscopic Haematuria

Acute Urinary Retention

Ureteric Calculi


Medication Guidelines

Warfarin Guidelines

NAC Infusion Form

Apixaban & Rivaroxaban Guidelines


Mental Health

Acute Behavioural Disturbance

Screening for Organic Disease


Miscellaneous Guidelines

Care of the Dying

Early Pregnancy Loss Guidelines










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