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Risk Mitigation Guide for International Medical Graduates – Webinar 24th July

This is a free webinar provided by MIPS. It should be helpful for IMGs and those who supervise IMGs.

Webinar: A risk mitigation guide for international graduates

Tuesday 24 July 2018, 7:30pm – 8:30pm AEST

International practitioners make a valuable contribution to Australian healthcare, especially in rural communities. Without you, many Australians would find it difficult and in some cases, near impossible, to access good quality healthcare.

We know there is limited support for migrant healthcare practitioners and their families when they embark on a career in Australia. This is why MIPS is offering this free publicly available webinar. We invite you to share this invitation with your fellow ex-pats who may also benefit.


Key learning objectives

  1. Improve your understanding of indemnity requirements and when MIPS can assist.
  2. Answer questions surrounding pathways, recognition of skills and career advancement.
  3. Learn how to minimise your risk of complaints, claims and investigations.

Dr Liliana Sousa Nanji    

Presented by Dr Liliana Sousa Nanji originally trained in Portugal but now working as a Senior Neurosurgical Resident at St Vincent’s Hospital, Melbourne.

Certificate of attendance provided to MIPS members for CPD

Live Q&A session at end of webinar

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