Changing practice COVID-19 Critical Care Emergency On the Wards

Covid19 update from ERCAST

This site is designed for junior doctors, but in the Covid crisis everything goes. Many JMOs are interested in critical care medicine and will find reading these updates very interesting and useful to their own education.

Here is a link to some of the latest information from the USA about how they are managing Covid patients. This information is from well respected physicians, but is published without full peer review. However, given the acuity of the current crisis it may be of value to Australian physicians and certainly of great interest to junior doctors who would like a career in critical care.

It is particularly important, from an educationalist viewpoint, that this illness may change the way we view certain critically unwell patients, and illustrates how management must be tritrated to the patient and their needs. It is very challenging to realise that our standard protocols for fluid administration and patient positioning may be detrimental in Covid19 patients.

Read the ERCAST update here.

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