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COVID-19 – some sites of interest

There has been an explosion of information about COVID-19 through social media and established medical websites. We will attempt to keep this list updated and link to further information as it becomes available.
You will note some differences in advice and information between the different sites. This is not surprising given the need to share information rapidly.


Many of you will be familiar with EMCRIT, a site which has been around for many years now and is one of the most famous FOAM sites for critical care.

All the information you will need as a junior doctor is to be found here, plus if you want to delve further into more advanced management issues then you will find this here as well.

Click here to visit EMCRIT COVID19

Also on the EMCRIT site you will find Critical Care for Non-Intensivists during COVID19 Pandemic.

Click here to visit Crit Care for Non-Intensivists.


EMRAP is a subscriber site concerned with emergency medicine. It has a free section on COVID19. It is being updated frequently.

EM:RAP COVID-19 Resources


ACEM has a page dedicated to COVID19. Their Covid Guideline for Emergency Departments is very extensive, but contains a lot of information of relevance to junior doctors. Visit ACEM’s page here.

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