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Information on Cause of Death Certification

Kevin Priestly, the North Queensland Coroner, recently spoke about the role of the Coroner and about Death Certification. Kevin has provided some further reading and reference materials.

Cause of Death Certification, Australia.  This is the official guide from the Australian Bureau of Statistics. It simply explains what is required, and the importance of collecting the correct data on cause of death in Australia. There is also a shortened reference guide available.

How to complete a death certificate: A guide for GPs, is an article published in Australian Family Physician in 2011. It is not just for GPs, but is relevant to all fields of medicine.

Issuing cause of death certificates for apparent natural causes deaths. This is an important fact sheet produced for Queensland Courts,  prepared in partnership with the Queensland Police Service and the Queensland Department of Health Clinical Forensic Medicine Unit and Forensic and Scientific Services. It answers many of the simple questions you may ask before completing a death certificate.

Principles and Pitfalls – A Guide to Death Certification. This article, from Clinical Medicine and Research, is an interesting summary of the common issues with completing death certificates properly. It is written from a USA perspective but is still very relevant to our practice here.

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