Clinical gems

Great FOAM websites

Here is by no means an exhaustive list of other great online and mobile Medical Education platforms. Feel free to suggest other useful sites and apps:



GoogleFOAM – A custom Google search engine specific to Free Open Access Medical Education

Life in the Fast Lane – Where it all started. Up to date critical care links, blogs and articles.

FOAMed for GP – As you see it.. FOAM for General Practice

Royal Childrens Hospital – Free, concise and up to date paediatric clinical practice guidelines from the Melbourne RCH.

NICE – National Institute for Health and Care Excellence guidelines are a comprehensive United Kingdom based clinical resource

NNT – A traffic-light style framework and rating system to evaluate diagnostics and therapies based on their patient-important benefits and harms

Onthewards – An excellent medical education website from an organisation in New South Wales targeted at pre-vocational junior doctors

Radiology Assistant – Non profit organisation created by a Dutch radiologist for free open access case-based radiology


Not Free:

PEMsoft – Highly detailed, practical, point-of-care paediatric reference to which your department may or may not already be subscribed

Up to Date – Comprehensive, costly, but highly valuable evidence based clinical decision support resource


Mobile Apps:

Frank Shann – We used to carry this little drug dose book around in our pockets.. now it’s available on our phones

Oxford Handbook – That handy little book of clinical specialties as an app

Ortho Traumapedia – A well illustrated orthopaedic reference

MDCalc – A medical calculator for hand held devices




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