Dr Andrew Frazer


1st year Medical Administration Registrar


How did you get to where you are?

I was born and raised in Mackay. After finishing high school I completed a BSc at UQ. During undergraduate study I had decided to give medicine a go and sat GAMSAT.  I initially didn’t pass the written section.

The next two years were spent working as a laboratory assistant at the RBWH in histology and cytology, working as an Anatomy Demonstrator and Prosector, and completing an honours component of BSc. I went to Med at UQ for two years (preclinical), before moving to Toowoomba for two years of clinical placement. I completed most of my prevocational years (PGY1 to PGY3) at Toowoomba, before coming up to work in the Cairns ED for a few months before I started registrar work. I also got over the cold of Toowoomba.

I initially thought I was going to be a Surgeon before doing a term in intern year and realising it wasn’t for me. In my prevocational years I volunteered to become a surveyor for QPMA (the Intern accreditation body) and ended up being involved in on-site hospital accreditations (for intern placements) in QLD and interstate. I realised that I had an interest in Junior Doctor wellbeing, education and how the system works (or should work) to enable safe healthcare for patients.


What do you like about your role?

I enjoy the variety of work that occurs in administration from junior medical workforce issues to collaborating in incident management teams. I have found that  improving systems and being involved in implementation and planning of service delivery and  health policy helps to implement changes to make healthcare safer for patients and for staff.


What are the challenges?

The biggest challenge has been adjusting my expectations of how my day would run. As an RMO you could see your handover sheet shrink and grow and get the immediate kick from completing tasks on a busy ward round. In admin land, projects and tasks can take much longer to complete as they often require further input from a wider variety of stakeholders than what is found in the ward environment. It’s still early days so will see how the year progresses.


Personal life

I enjoy getting outdoors and doing a fair bit of bush walking now that wet season is over. I am a fan and ex-rugby player who also enjoys live music. I am wanting to get out and explore the reef and up the Daintree as well as South East Asia. As all doctors do, I enjoy a good cup of coffee.


What would be some tips for a junior doctor on how to get into a training program?

Try as many different things as possible. This includes rotations, extracurricular and things outside of medicine. Also be nice to everyone that you work with.

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